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Industrial Society And Its Future By Theodore J Kaczynski

And ethnic minorities are not enough; no one can be allowed to have a negative attitude toward homosexuals, disabled people, fat people, old people, ugly people, and on and on and on. It’s not enough that the public should be informed about the hazards of smoking; a warning has to be stamped on every package of cigarettes. Then cigarette advertising has to be restricted ff not banned.

I’d say half of the manifesto is an anti-leftist screed and the other is a call for a back-to-nature screed advocating the elimination of technology and the industrial age so we can retain our freedom for the sake of freedom itself. I expected this book to be a paranoid rant by a mad dog, but was pleasantly surprised—it is straightforwardly written, under control except for an occasional brief outburst, and carefully reasoned. By the end of the manifesto I was convinced that Kaczynski is a fanatic but not crazy (unless you consider all fanatics crazy—a diagnosis worth considering).

In the manifesto he talks about society as something he is subjected to that he has to struggle through. Technology is used as a scapegoat for his anger and is only really talked about from a general perspective almost as if it where a type of magic. Some people here can’t seem to separate ideas from the person who generates them, and that is sad. You can hate what a person did and still try to understand why they did it. It’s this kind of closed-mindedness that is driving people apart all over the world.

The printings and publicity around them eclipsed the bombings in notoriety, and led to Kaczynski’s identification by his brother, David Kaczynski.

But not — as the author suggests — with the goal of understanding his politics. Under a system like that peoples natural tendency toward tribalism would cause them to group people under the two camps yellow or green, me and other. They might naturally assume that the other group just always vote other because they are the voters that vote other. The idea that it’s actually a large group of people with diverse and changing opinions who vote of their own freewill rather than a loyalty to a colour is lost in the noise. This comment is a really good demonstration of what I’m talking about.

It is still far from clear what we mean by the word “leftist.” There doesn’t seem to be much we can do about this. Today leftism is fragmented into a whole spectrum of activist movements. Varieties of leftists fade out gradually into varieties of non-leftists and we ourselves would often be hard-pressed to decide whether a given individual is or is not a leftist.

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