Manufacturing Community and Potential

The Unabomber Manifesto 1 Industrial Society And Its Future

I don’t think some of the problems he tried to identify were necessarily wrong but then he just took jumps into saying we needed to destroy technology because that was the root of the problem and it felt like he didn’t justify it completely. But then he also ranted about leftists but it sounded like someone a leftist would actually identify as a liberal. Not to say those things havent become integrated into leftist movements as far as I can tell but I do think class still plays a huge role and he never mentions class really. Anyway mostly just amused by reading it, it echos a lot of complaints about modernity that others have brought up but some how he thinks the solution is destruction of technology by any means necessary above anything else. Kaczynski indicts technological progress with the destruction of small human communities and rise of uninhabitable cities controlled by an unaccountable state.

Rich people that have to fight (e.g. to maintain or increase their wealth) experience the power process and are happy, healthy, and successful. Socialization is the process that trains people to think and act as society demands. People that take this obligation too far and develop strong feelings of guilt are oversocialized. To avoid guilt, they continually rationalize their behaviour as morally correct. Such people develop low self-esteem and feelings of powerlessness.

It should be noted, by the way, that there is a nonviolent anarchist movement whose members probably would not accept FC as anarchist and certainly would not approve of FC’s violent methods. Here we are considering only the conflict of values within the mainstream. For the sake of simplicity we leave out of the picture “outsider” values like the idea that wild nature is more important than human economic welfare. Conservatives’ efforts to decrease the amount of government regulation are of little benefit to the average man. For another thing, most of the deregulation affects business rather than the average individual, so that its main effect is to take power from the government and give it to private corporations.

We can no longer hunt or grow our own food, or meet our own needs; society does all that for us. And the real dangers we face (toxic food, the nearby nuclear plant, pollution, invasion of privacy, etc.) are not only things we have no control over, they are dangers created by our own society. While providing much more autonomy than is available for real goals, these surrogate activities are not as satisfying, and are often pursued to extremes. Getting whatever they want without effort, the leisured rich usually become bored, self-absorbed, demoralized, and depressed.

To me, it’s all just another instance of us mascotizing the mentally ill. If these ideas appeared instead in a LiveJournal archive, nobody would care. When considering his manifesto against technological society it’s important to remember how he acted out his manifesto, he did not target power plants, bridges, infrastructure, he didn’t go after tech giants like IBM he blew up relatively small time people. Fewer humans are suffering and dying—even with the threat of climate change—in a world where we have a technology stack that can move vast resources around. Six weeks after David Kaczynski came forward, on April 3, 1996, a dirty and disheveled Ted Kaczynski was arrested at his tiny cabin in the woods outside Lincoln, Montana. After two years of legal wrangling, during which Kaczynski refused to enter an insanity plea, he pleaded guilty to the charges on January 22, 1998, and was sentenced to life in a Colorado prison.

He is differentiated from the ordinary well-socialized bourgeois by the fact that there is some deep lack within him that makes it necessary for him to devote himself to a cause and immerse himself in a collectivity. And maybe his (well-sublimated) drive for power is stronger than that of the average bourgeois. Our remarks about leftism are not meant to apply to every individual leftist but to describe the general character of leftism as a movement.

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